A Hidden Gold Mine in Every Business

In many companies, it appears that most of the company operates under a completely different set of rules and communicates in a different language than that of the company’s IT or computer services sector. This division is somewhat artificial and is maintained in part by IT professionals themselves due to a certain culture that technologists have around their specialized knowledge and areas of application. But basically, these IT freaks have the same goals as any other business person which is personal and team success in joint ventures.

But those of us on the business side of the corporate landscape rely on computer workers to let us know how things are going with those high-value assets we have in our IT systems, hardware, and software. Most medium and large companies operate high capacity computers or many networked computers and these systems must run at peak capacity every day to achieve business goals.

No doubt, the upgrade and maintenance budgets for the computers that run your business represent a fairly large percentage of the company’s budget each year. But since it is these systems that keep you competitive in the marketplace, this investment is well worth the money to ensure that the critical tasks of these powerful systems are accomplished on time every week and month.

When the computer starts to show signs of stress under the workload, we give in, and that can be a major concern for business. If your business model imposes the possibility of pushing the burden of traffic or system resources beyond what computers can do with their current computing power, then this weakness in the IT infrastructure presents a significant risk to the company if the system is overburdened when there is Lots of work these machines have to do.

What every entrepreneur doesn’t know is that there may be a hidden goldmine of computing power already in your IT resources that simply isn’t being exploited to the fullest. You know that it is not uncommon for your IT professionals to report that your systems are running at 80-90% and need to be upgraded to handle the next big increase in business.

This hidden gold mine is a field that has already been around for quite some time but is rarely exploited in the modern business world. This discipline is called “the ability to plan”. By implementing the capacity planning office and monitoring function, you can put the tools and talent in place for accurate scientific measurement if your computer systems are capable of whether there is only a need to tune the system or reorganize computing schedules to get more of the systems you already own.

Recently, a large oil company in the Midwest indicated that many of its vital functions were delayed, apparently because computer systems were overloaded and in dire need of an expensive and time-consuming upgrade. Capacity planning and system diagnostics measurements were taken to identify the real problem and it was found that job priorities for new jobs were not tuned to the system load in the critical time frames. Adjustments were made by talented system administrators, the IT infrastructure continued to perform at a peak and delays were eliminated without the need for additional hardware or upgrades.

By utilizing capacity planning software tools and enabling your IT team to take advantage of this highly scientific computing method of measurement and forecasting, businesses can make the most of computer resources and use corporate resources to advance corporate business goals. This benefits everyone.

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